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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Driver Release Delayed

Just a quick note that the driver update that was scheduled for early April has now been delayed to mid May.

Quote from a Creative Forums Administrator:

Hi everyone,

I just have a quick update on this for you.

The update has been delayed a bit (as you know), we currently expect to release it around early to mid May.

Source: Creative Forums.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

X-Fi Mode Changer

Don't you hate it when you start Oblivion, load your savegame and the second you make the first step you notice that you forgot to change your X-Fi to Game Mode? Creative's developers still didn't figure out a way to make the process of mode changing work automatically, but there is hope after all. No, I am not talking about the promised driver update.

Spectra9 gives you the first public release of the X-Fi Mode Changer. What you will gain is the possibility to change modes using command line arguments, a systray menu or you can setup certain applications to run in given modes.

The X-Fi Mode Changer can be downloaded from Spectra9's homepage. Remember to read the included readme.txt file for installation information and requirements.

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