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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Audigy + Vista + EAX = $9.99

It's not really about the X-Fi but I thought I'd share this bit of news with you: The Audigy Edition of Creative's ALchemy which "restores your Sound Blaster Audigy's ability to process EAX effects, 3D audio, sampling rate conversion and audio mixing for certain DirectSound3D games in Windows Vista" costs $9.99. Yea, nothing is free, not even EAX on an Audigy card.

Interested? Here you go. Comments are welcome

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Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer at bit-tech

The guys over at bit-tech have posted a pretty cool review of Creative's X-Fi XtremeGamer. Lots of good info for all those thinking about finally switching to a X-Fi soundcard.

The Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer is the new addition to a refreshed X-Fi range and is equivalent to your stripped down, super lean, bare basics X-Fi that still features all the necessary gaming additives. It still has the same X-Fi processor and 2MB of on-board memory cache necessary for processor operations, although it's missing the full 64MB X-RAM that's featured on the Fatal1ty and Elite Pro models.

You can read the whole interview at bit-tech.

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