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Friday, January 06, 2006

Driver Update v2.07.0004

New X-Fi Series drivers have been released. Changelog is listed below.

This driver includes the following application:

* Creative Audio Console
The application enables you to use the Sound Blaster X-Fi features and functions.


* Removes randomly occurring audio distortion that may occur after you install drivers and restart your computer.
* Improves host CPU utilization performance when you play 3D/EAX games.
* Improves the usability of the Bit-Matched Playback feature in Audio Creation Mode.
* Resolves some MIDI/SoundFont® compatibility issues.
* Restores EAX presets properly when you select default settings in Entertainment Mode.
* Resolves the issue of a mode console sometimes not responding after you switch modes.
* Restores proper functionality to the EQ sliders when you select EAX effects in Entertainment Mode.
* Removes the error message that sometimes appears in THX Setup Console when you switch modes multiple times.
* Resolves the issue of your computer not responding when you change the Reverb Aux effect in Audio Creation Mode.

Click here to download this driver.