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Friday, March 17, 2006

X-Fi Interview

A new interview with Creative's European Brand Manager for Audio Products Darragh O'Toole has been posted at Digital Life. Topics include the future of the X-Fi, upcoming game titles, the mysterious UT2K4 X-Fi patch and more. To sum the interview up:

"...it's unlikely that we will see another chip of its kind in the next few years...blah blah...X-Fi products that cater for different bus types and form factors over the next year...blah blah...we have a patch that was custom designed by Creative for UT2004...blah blah...in the final stages and hope to have it available for download sometime in March...blah blah...there are some kick-ass titles due over the coming year...due to confidentiality reasons can not list them...blah blah...Vista will not support a Direct hardware patch...

You can head over to Digital Life for the full interview if the summary wasn't enough for you.