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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What are your demands?

Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman for part 2 of NGOHQ Wars. In this episode the evil Creative Empire will have to deal with the devastating questions from NGOHQ regarding their product and software support. The demands are as follows:

* Why have you not tested your products with as many combinations of systems as possible before you released said products to the market?
* What do you think about this petition?
* Why is it taking you so long to provide software updates? Can you give us an exact date, week, or even the year for when the next driver will be released? Your competitors are releasing software updates every few weeks. Are you going to change the frequency of your software updates in the future?
* Why is Linux still unsupported?
* Why is it taking you so much time to fix all these issues?
* Why can’t users find information regarding these nForce issues on your website?
* What will you do to avoid these kinds of issues in the future?
* Do you have anything to say to the public?

What will the Creative Empire do? Will the Dark Side send a messenger or will they keep hiding in the shadows? Check back when we return with the next episode of the NGOHQ Wars.

In other news: Some Ewoks have their own demands from the Dark Side.

Do you have some demands? Would you like your X-Fi to print money? Start a petition, it's fun, easy and everyone can do it.


Blogger RAV4 said...

I just want them to fix my X-Fi Elite Pro, they don't know how...:(

6:48 PM  

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