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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hear The Difference

You didn't get a chance to check out the Unreal Tournament 2004 X-Fi Patch? You don't have a X-Fi card installed in your PC yet? If so, here is something that might be interesting for you. A video showing some of the features which came with the update from Creative.

"This is a video I made comparing the normal audio vs the X-fi patch which came out recently. Also shows some of the more nifty features, like the musical accents mode."

Excellent video, I can't wait to see what a group of talented gamers would be able to do with those musical accents. Maybe someone already did and I don't know about it. If you have made or seen some cool video using the new musical accents in Unreal Tournament 2004 please post a link to it in the comments.

To download the video check this post. The X-Fi Patch (or rather mod) can be found here.


Blogger austech News said...

Hey, Just Chiming in as the maker of the video - be sure to use headphones, as that what all the settings were set too - speakers definately do not do it justice... And remember that although it is high quality mp3, it still loses most of its sparkle that you hear in person.

9:32 AM  

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