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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

OpenAL Supported

Since today you can get your hands on the retail version of Prey because it just appeared on a store shelve near you. If you still haven't had time to check out the Prey demo you can do so by downloading it straight from the official site.

While downloading the demo version you should go ahead and read the new interview with Ed Lima, Former Audio Director at Human Head, Audio Lead on Prey.

Have you tried the game on a Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ and if so, how does it sound?

Most of the sound design was created with the X-Fi™, and the entire game was mixed on an X-Fi Fatal1ty card and Gigaworks speaker system. If players want to live the true "Prey" sound experience as it was intended, the Sound Blaster X-Fi is a requirement.

The whole interview can be found at the SoundBlaster Website.