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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tweak Your Remote

Increase the power of your remote, customize and tweak each key the way you want, change the 24-bit Crystalizer settings using your remote or any other option you would like. You can't? Now you can, with Intelliremote.

Intelliremote is an open source application which uses Microsoft's Intellitype instructions to handle any event coming from your remote. Here are some key features:

- NEW! Now supports the new Soundblaster X-Fi series.
- Sits quietly in your tray area awaiting infrared signals
- Smaller memory footprint than Creative RemoteCenter software
- Extends the power of the remote control to any application that supports Intellitype commands such as Winamp
- Simple user interface allows customization of each remote control key
- Remote keys can be mapped to any keyboard event, mouse event, or run an application that you choose
- Preferences are saved in an XML file so your settings are remember each time Intelliremote starts

You really should give it a go because you do want full control of your remote. You can download the latest version from the Malloware website. Big thanks to Porcupine Floyd for the link.


Blogger Th3 ProphetMan said...


First of all i want to say that this is a cool blog, i'm glad i came up with it because i'm getting an X-Fi Platinum as soon as i have some money in September.

This remote aplication will surely came handy, so thanks a lot, i can't wait to try the sound card :)

BTW I've been considering the possibility of vuying a Fataal1ty instead, but 64Mb aren't that much and the cards goes to 220€ which is a bit too much. Does the X-Ram make such diference anyway in these new games that support it?

Thx again and keep up posting interesting stuff :)

9:09 PM  
Blogger RosOne said...

It's quiet easy to see how much difference it makes. Around 64MB of sound data will not be stored in your system memory but on your X-Fi card. Does it have an effect on framerates? No. Does it reduce loading times? No, since the data needs to be read of the hard drive anyway. It might help a tiny little bit while playing a game, but the difference won't really be noticable.

Sure, if you have used the maximum of your system resources an extra 64MB might come it handy, but let's be realistic here. 64MB is nothing looking at the size of texture files, models data and other stuff in games today.

I bet no one would be able to tell just by looking at Quake 4 or Battlefield if the PC is equipped with X-RAM or not.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Melloware said...

Hey thanks for posting this. I was hoping you could do a follow up post on your blog because I have released a new version with many features since your post last August. The new version can be found here:



6:11 AM  

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