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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Battlefield 2142 Interview

Just on time for the release of Battlefield 2142 Creative posted an interview with David Möllerstedt (Head of Sound, DICE), Henrik Andersson (Sound Designer, DICE) and Bence Pajor (Sound Designer, DICE).

The interview covers not only sound related topics, but also general information about the game.

Q12. How was OpenAL and EAX® ADVANCED HD™ used in Battlefield 2142 and how do they add to the experience?

David: Occlusion, especially inside the Titan the occlusion works really well. The air filtering is also very effective for creating the feeling of being put on the battlefield then you start the game. We actually did the final tweak of the air filter coefficients during final mixing and it really helped the mix come together.

The whole interview can be found here.